Edgy E-Commerce business with unique well-defined niche - EBITDA $1.1m

$5,250,000 - $1,136,000 EBITDA

This business category will not appeal to everyone, so if you are looking for a vanilla traditional business this is not it. If you are looking for an Edgy nontraditional E-Commerce juggernaut with 3 high performing websites covering the NZ, Australian and US markets then this one could be for you.  

The business is not a 'widget' business but it operates in a unique entrepreneurial category with virtually no competition. It's products appeal to a very broad market, both male & female, across a raft of kiwi interest/hobbies, commercial applications and the range has little to no seasonality. 

From humble beginnings in a small warehouse in Christchurch taking wholesale orders it has evolved and is now operating two high volume retail stores (Auckland and Christchurch) and three high traffic, high sales websites servicing the New Zealand, Australian and US markets.  

The owner purchased the business in 2014. After 8 years of hard work the business has been completely transformed into a multi-faceted business that operates profitably across  major online sales platforms and channels. It has fully transitioned to an omni-channel business that delivers the ability for customers to buy via the medium that best suits them.

The business employees 13 passionate full time and 6 part time employees. The business operates in a very distinct niche of highly loyal customers with well over 50% of sales to repeat customers. It has continued to operate well during COVID times both in relation to sales and supply chain dynamics.  There is significant room for a new owner with access to capital to significantly expand categories and markets and also create a home brand label which would significantly increase margins.  

The business has the flexibility to pivot instantly to react to market fluctuations or new innovations with an a highly skilled in-house IT support team. The hard work has been done and is now ready for a new owner to realise the huge upside available with the offshore markets. The owner has recently restructured the management team to look after the day-to-day operations and there is an existing staff member who could be promoted to a GM role. If you are serious about acquiring a successful e-commerce business you need to see this one! 

The internal systems in place means the owner can put his hand on any number/ratio/percentage that you might need to make a buying decision!  

So if you are motivated by a business where you can utilise your entrepreneurial skills to take advantage of market conditions as you see fit, and not be dictated to by a corporate agency agreement, then this business is for you.

Sale Price: $5,250,000 EBITDA: $1,136,000



District Christchurch
Price $5,250,000 - $1,136,000 EBITDA
Business ID 34

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