Buyer's Agent Service

How we can help business buyers 

We work with you to find you the right business or target company to buy at the right price and on the right terms and conditions. As buyers agent we are exclusively working for you and can negotiate and assist you through the purchase process. Confidentially assured as is our duty of care to you. We identify:

1. A comprehensive assessment of your objectives and goals.

2. Identification of target business that match your criteria, category, investment, capabilities and desired ROI;
2. Agreement on the type of approach and when buyer’s details are disclosed.
3. Discussion and review of the confidential information relating to the identified business/s for sale;
4. Introduction between the buyer and seller

4. Negotiation of the terms of the Sale & Purchase Agreement or HOA;
5. Investigation during the Due Diligence period;
6. Completion of the transaction

As a licensed business broker, we can only act on behalf of either the buyer or the seller, never both. 

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